Monday, June 4, 2012

Recommended Read

I don't have much to talk about right now, so I thought I would use this weeks post to share a book I just finished reading and particularly enjoyed. If you like futuristic-type books, you should give it a try. 

It’s a different world. Space has been colonized, the wealthy fly to work rather than drive, and slavery is legal.

Jason’s family has been ripped apart by tragedy. The only way he can save the ones left is to offer himself up as a bondmate. The more he’s willing to give, the higher the price he can command. And Jason is willing to give a lot.

Devin is wealthy and heartbroken after the wife he adored walked out on him. He isn’t looking for love. All he wants is a relationship he can control. Buying a bondmate seems like the perfect solution.

Yet when he purchases Jason’s contract, Devin gets more than he bargained for.

You can buy it here:

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