Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Price Ever

A belated Happy Canada Day, a current Happy Fourth of July and an early Happy Bastille Day should wrap up all the July independence celebrations I know of. And now I can do one of those annoying car commercial things and say "You can declare yourself free from paying for Collision Course on Kindle, nook, and iTunes--at least until July 14."

There's a reason why it's free. Because August 21 Dylan's book, But My Boyfriend Is, will be available. And if you haven't met him in Collision Course, here's your chance to do that now. If you have, what better way to introduce me  him to a friend than to gift them with a free book. It's the best price ever. It's also great for people who've switched devices and want to restock.

Also appearing at the best price ever will be a very short piece featuring Joey and Aaron, showing what they were doing when they got the call that goes out at the beginning of But My Boyfriend Is. Look for a link to that in early August.

And now, I just want to share with you my favorite thing ever from Collision Course. I can't even remember writing it because the character's voices were so strong in my head. It's from their first time together and I think it sums up Joey and Aaron better than anything every could.

Joey squeezed his eyes shut, hands turning to fists against the cabinet. He felt so good he couldn’t stand it, couldn’t take it for another second, but if it stopped he was pretty sure his heart would stop right along with it. “There, right there, please, harder.”

Aaron slowed, and if Joey wasn’t bent over the stretcher, he’d have kicked the bastard.

“Thanks, but I really don’t need directions. I have done this before, sweetheart.”

That was it.

“Are you always this much of an arrogant prick?”

“Pretty much. Want me to stop?”

Without the good slam deep inside, Joey could make a coherent sentence, although he could only manage one word per stroke. “Being. An. Arrogant. Prick?”

“Sorry.” But Aaron sped up again and his words weren’t any less strained than Joey’s had been. “Not. Gonna. Happen.”

Hey, did I mention FREE? 


sylvan65 said...

Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Collision Course is STILL my all time favorite m/m romance, have absolutely enjoyed the series, so I'm eagerly anticipating But My Boyfriend Is. Thanks and congratulations again!

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thank you! Feel free to spread the word on Collision Course. I'm trying to entrap, um hook, more readers. :)

sylvan65 said...

LoL! It's up on my FB!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I can't seem to find Collision Course on itunes? Has it been uploaded yet? I cannot wait for your new book, and more of Joey and Aaron.
cheers, Linda

K.A. Mitchell said...

Hi Linda,

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the link, still can't get it. I am in Australia, is it a US offer only?
thank you again,

K.A. Mitchell said...

Hey Linda,

Can you email me? The address is easy to get to from my website,

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