Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Story--Kitsune Pt. 3

Continuing the misadventures of our over-sexed vampire lovers, I bring you Part 3 of Kitsune

part 1 available HERE
part 2 available HERE


Kiyoshi joined him at the archway and leaned over to look out at the darkened street as well. "Where did she say she was going?" he furrowed his brow.

"She didn't have a chance to," Ryu said. "The poor girl was completely distraught and in tears."

"Hmm," Kiyoshi took the first couple of steps down from the platform. "I don't sense her, and definitely none of those strong feelings you mentioned."

Ryu squinted at him. "Are you focusing correctly?" he touched his chin and cocked his head thoughtfully to one side. "She's young, about eighteen or so. Very beautiful, with the blackest hair and these lovely green eyes. Her name is Kaomi, she's dressed in an indigo kimono, and she's very beautiful."

"You said beautiful twice," Kiyoshi raised his eyebrows.

"Well, she was," Ryuhei blinked and shrugged weakly. He waved his hand through the air and continued down the steps. "But more importantly, she's very frightened and alone. So we should try to find her and help her."

Following a few steps behind, Kiyoshi pursed his lips. "What about finding our hotel room with the silk sheets?"

Ryuhei came to an abrupt stop and dropped his luggage trunk to the floor. "Oh, the hotel isn't going to grow legs and runaway," he gave an exasperated sigh and put his hands on his hips. "But that girl does have legs and she is getting away. So start focusing."

Kiyoshi leveled him with a very, very dry look. "I am, Ryuhei. She's not here."

"Are you sure?"


Ryu looked away with a sigh. "That poor girl, lost and alone in a country full of strangers," he clicked his tongue. "How will you be able to sleep today, Kiyo-kun?"

"It'll be easy if I have that nice big bed all to myself while you take the divan," Kiyoshi brushed past him.

Ryuhei watched him go by, his mouth open in shock. "How cold!" he picked up his trunk and followed after Kiyoshi. "I'm just worried for the--"

"'Poor girl', I know," Kiyoshi gave him another dry look.

"You don't have to get snippy," Ryuhei pouted.

Kiyoshi sighed, his expression softening. "Ryu-san, trust me when I tell you the young woman is not anywhere near us. I know how to control the powers of mind, and very well at that."

More a than three hundred year difference in their ages existed between the two men. Kiyoshi's face and lithe, graceful body were forever frozen in the form of a nineteen-year-old boy, but he carried the wisdom of a man who'd lived several very long lifetimes. The thought humbled Ryuhei.

"I'm sorry, Kiyo-kun," he said quietly.

Regretting he'd sunk some of Ryuhei's spirits, Kiyoshi bit down on his lower lip. He presed his had gently against Ryu's shoulder as they continued walking down the avenue. "Whoever, or whatever, you saw--she's gone. It's unusual, yes, but best to leave that way. I think."

“You’re right, of course.” But Ryu sounded a little less than convinced, glancing back towards the station. Rolling his eyes again, Kiyoshi nudged Ryu forward so they started for the hotel. The ‘girl’ was certainly a mystery, and who knew what kind of strange supernatural creatures were native to Europe. Ryu was still young a kyuuketsuki, and blood drinkers had two strong appetites to keep in check. Whatever Ryu had seen might’ve been trying to prey on his lust.

And Ryu certainly has plenty of that, Kiyoshi snorted. During the course of the train ride, they’d fucked more times than he could count. So how needy for with sex could Ryuhei still be?

“I shouldn’t bother asking,” Kiyoshi muttered.

“Ask what?” Ryuhei gave him a purely innocent look.

“Never mind.” Kiyoshi sighed and the two men came to stop as they reached the hotel.


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