Sunday, April 1, 2007

Ghost Hunting and Manloveliness!

People who know me well know there are two things I am particularly fond of: the TV show Ghost Hunters (and paranormal investigation in general), and men gettin' it on. So, of course I had to put those two things together in a book. A series of books, actually. The Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, from Samhain Publishing. The second book in the series, What Hides Inside, comes out April tenth. Book one in the series, Oleander House, is available now!

Here's an excerpt from Oleander House, full of hot (though not nekkid) manlove so you'll be gagging for more when What Hides Inside hits the virtual shelves on the 10th :D



Bo stumbled backward until his back hit the wall. His face was flushed, his pupils so dilated the irises were barely visible. “Stop it, Sam,” he said through gritted teeth.

“You don’t really want me stop, do you?” Sam planted his palms on the wall on either side of Bo’s head. A tiny corner of his brain screamed at him to quit while he was ahead, that he was letting his emotions get the better of him. But his body was on fire, his vision washed in red, and he couldn’t make himself stop. “You lied before. You do want me, even though you know it’s wrong.” He leaned forward, pressing his body against Bo’s. “Don’t you?”

A violent shudder ran through Bo’s body as Sam’s thigh shoved between his legs. For a second, Bo’s face softened as his cock hardened against Sam’s leg. Then before Sam knew what was happening, Bo pushed him away and punched him hard in the jaw.

Taken by surprise, Sam fell backward onto the floor. Bo landed on Sam’s stomach, knocking the breath out of him, and punched him again. Sam felt his lip split, felt the inside of his cheek tear on his teeth. The salty copper taste of blood flooded his mouth. He snatched a handful of Bo’s hair and yanked as hard as he could. Bo cried out, his head bent back at an awkward angle.

“Beating me up won’t make it any better, you know.” Sam turned his head and spat a mouthful of blood on the floor. “You still want me.”

Bo glared down at him. “Fuck you.”


Bo snarled, clamped a hand around Sam’s wrist and twisted. Sam’s fingers opened with the sudden pain and Bo was free. Bo’s fist clenched. Quicker than thought, Sam grabbed both of Bo’s arms and rolled on top of him, straddling his hips and pinning his wrists above his head.

“Let me up, dammit!” Bo panted, writhing wildly under Sam’s weight.

“Why, so you can hit me some more?” Sam shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

“Fucking bastard,” Bo spat.

Sam laughed. “Go ahead and yell at me, call me names, I don’t care.” He leaned down, letting his lips just brush Bo’s. “Just keep squirming like that. I like it.”

He flicked his tongue over Bo’s mouth and ground his now-full-blown erection against the answering hardness in Bo’s jeans. Rearing up, Bo bit Sam’s bruised lip. Sam hissed in pain, his grip on Bo’s wrists loosening, and before he knew it he was on his back again, with Bo kneeling over him. He stared, more aroused than ever by the feral shine in Bo’s eyes and the blood smeared on his mouth. Feeling his gaze turn heavy, Sam smiled.

“What now, Bo? Huh? What’re you gonna do now?” Sam probed the bleeding cut on his lip with his tongue. “You gonna finish what you started?”

It was a deliberately ambiguous statement, and it worked like a charm. Bo’s lips curled into a fierce smile. He swung. Sam grabbed his wrist, deflecting the blow, then Bo’s mouth was on his, kissing him hard enough to bruise. Sam didn’t even have time to be surprised. He clenched his fists into Bo’s hair and kissed him back, rough and deep.

Fingers marked flesh, teeth bruised and drew blood, as Sam and Bo rolled on the floor, tearing at each other with mouths and hands. Sam’s ankle hit the low glass-topped table in the middle of the room with an audible crack, sending a sharp pain shooting up his leg. He barely noticed.

Bo tore Sam’s shirt off, shoved his arms over his head and bit one nipple so hard that Sam cried out. Sam hooked a leg around Bo’s back and flipped him over, pinning him between his thighs. Bo let out a needy little whimper that shot through Sam like lightning.

“God, Sam, please…” Bo whispered, eyes wide and hot and wanting, and that was all Sam could stand. He buried a hand in Bo’s tangled hair and kissed him with every ounce of his pent-up lust and frustration.

Bo didn’t even pretend to resist any longer. He gave as good as he got, his kiss rough and demanding, and it was almost too intense for Sam to take.

In the back of his mind, Sam knew he should stop what was happening before events spiraled out of control. He knew he shouldn’t let Bo’s hands wander over his body like that, not when that hungry touch eroded his control. But the need rising like lava inside him said differently. He moaned into Bo’s mouth.

Sam wormed a hand between them and squeezed Bo’s erection through his jeans. Bo rolled his hips, thrusting against Sam’s palm. His breathing was ragged, his body shaking. Sam broke the kiss, pushing up on his hands to stare down into Bo’s eyes. Bo’s cheeks were flushed, his lips red and swollen. Sam thought he’d never seen anyone so perfectly desirable in his life.

Bo let out a soft keening sound, arching his body off the floor. “Don’t stop!”


Grab your copy of Oleander House here! And tune in next Sunday for an excerpt from What Hides Inside!

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