Monday, April 2, 2007

What Do YOU Want To Read?

Happy Monday morning. Hope everyone is having a nice beginning of the week. I’m super brain dead this morning, so I thought we could have a discussion instead of my writing a huge post today and boring everyone to tears. *g*

So, here’s the question I’m going to throw out there for you to think about… What do you, the reader want to see more of in M/M fiction?

Personally, I’d like to just see… more. I run out of reading material way too quick these days. I’d really like to see more westerns and paranormals out there too. I can’t possibly EVER get enough of those.


Anonymous said...

More interracial pairings !!! (like alot of *Asians and African Americans and Latinos), a thrilling plot or very very cool paranormal stuff or detailed historical fiction (not like "it takes place during the Civil WAr" but I don't get a "sense" of where and why it's important).

*Asians (not just China/Korea/Japan those are EAST Asians...but Southeast Asians and South Asians too!)

Vicki said...

Good historicals. Fewer plots where one of the characters is coming to terms with his sexuality and more where both characters are comfortable with who they are and what they want. More good contemporary pairings that deal with realistic couples and tackle themes prevalent in today's society, also things set in places that aren't necessarily gay friendly. There's lots of contemporary pieces in gay friendly cities, but not so many in other cities.

I'd also like to see more paranormals, but fewer with shifters and vampires, not that these aren't good themes, but it seems like there are so many vampire and shifter stories. There's lots of other themes that could be paranormal.

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