Sunday, April 29, 2007

RT Report: Good News, Bad News

Good news: I got to meet the awesome Samhain staff, plus my crit partners (J.L. Langley, Jet Mykles, L.M. Prieto, and our pre-published partner Kimber) and soooooo many cool readers, publishers, booksellers, cover models, etc etc. Also got to meet Laura Baumbach, a.k.a. Fearless Leader of the Manloveromance group. I've talked until I practically have no voice left, and I've had a GREAT time doing it :D

Bad news: the management of the Hyatt made the RT people take down the Manloveromance display, because it was "too risque". Laura attempted to discuss this with the Hyatt management, but was told they would not discuss it with her. We were all very disappointed with the lack of response from the hotel. On the up side, we received a great deal of support from other authors, publishers, etc. There was, as I understand, a call to the Rainbow Coalition hotline.

It's late, so this is short. But I thought everyone should know that the management of the Hyatt in Houston (on Louisiana street) had this homophobic moment. I have no idea if this is usual for them, or if that particular manager was just being difficult and got in trouble later, but it's not looking good.


Anne Cain said...

Total. B.S.

For starters, 98% of the books represented at RT are EROTIC. That means the books contain pages and pages of steaming, uncensored SEX--and the covers usually SHOW something to that effect (or at least have half-naked men and/or women in sexy poses). Everyone in attendance must REALIZE that, right?

So did the Hyatt go around with little pieces of black tape to mask parts on book covers, posters, or bookmarks that were too 'naughty'? >_<

M Barnette said...

This is spreading across LJ, Blogger and Yahoo very rapidly.

The Hyatt's policy is gay friendly, and the manager broke that policy, and I hope it costs the jerk his job.

I'm considering posting it on the Gaylactic Network loop too. Injustice like this shouldn't be tolerated.

Ally Blue said...

Absolutely! I can guarantee someone higher up in the Hyatt food chain is chewing out the manager and/or his immediate superiors right now. As well they should be. Not only is this illegal and horribly immoral (IMHO), but it reflects very poorly on the Hyatt corporation, which as you said prides itself on a gay-friendly atmosphere for employees and customers. They sure as heck didn't display that friendly atmosphere for us, and neither did RT.

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