Thursday, November 8, 2007

Comedy in Romance

It's something I never saw myself writing: comedy. And not just any comedy, but parody.

Shayne and I just had our newest release from Phaze: The Adventures of Captain Chase Sykes & Navigator Duncan Sampson. (What a title, eh?)

This book is far different from anything we've ever written. There's hot sex, oh yeah--but there's also technobabble that's beyond insane, utterly bizarre creatures, and of course, the off-the-wall antics our heroes manage to pull off--all while saving the galaxy. ;)

So, do you like comedy in your romance?


JMS Books LLC said...

I don't read romance much, to be honest, but I'd definitely read comedy romance. I love stories that make me laugh!

Liz said...

Most of the ebooks I read are romance, but prints are usually historical or fantasy. LOL

Sabrina Luna said...

I love humor & witty dialog --won't unnecessarily call it 'comedy' though. ;)

Have fun!
S )O(

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