Friday, November 30, 2007

Minor Dilemma

You've probably seen me post before about how eager I was to get my hands on Suzanne Brockmann's All Through the Night and last week I did---sort of. I haven't had the extra cash to buy it so I had to get it via the library. Of course many others had the same idea so I was on a waiting list. The book finally comes in for me and I took it home all set to delve in on the nice and quiet holiday.

Of course, my luck being my luck, I got hit with the head cold from hell and didn't feel like being awake much less reading. I finally start reading and do a quick check at the library website to see when the book was due back. It was due back that day. No one told me book others have requested are only allowed out for a week. So I read all of a dozen pages if that.

And to be honest I wasn't that thrilled with what I'd read.

Is it me? Am I weird for wanting to whack Jules Cassidy upside the head and tell him to stop sounding so damn "girly". I'm sorry, but to me seasoned FBI agents do not call people "sweetie" or say "Eww". It irks me.

I already know from a review that there are no great mansexy parts to look forward to so I really don't know if I want to get hold of this book again.

Does anyone else out there find Jules to be a rather unflattering stereotypical gay man? I've known gay men who on the girly side of the spectrum but I think Jules' profession is what bugs me most about how he speaks and thinks.

I think he should be harder around the edges, more "cop like" if you will.

Tell me, how do you see the character? Is he realistic to you or annoying?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Barbara, I haven't read it. But I have to agree. A seasoned Agent shouldn't say eeewww. lol Even the feminine gay men I know don't say it *eek*

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