Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

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Yes, I know it was technically yesterday, but today is the official observation of it (which was why my hubby was home bugging me instead of at work - lol) I hope everyone took a minute to thank a veteran today serving their country.

Now, since I was so distracted today from writing and promoting and such, I got to thinking about TV Shows. There was Queer as Folk. Will and Grace. Ellen. These shows were created around gay characters.
Then there were the oldies, but goodies which had gay characters in them; Melrose Place's Matt. Dawson's Creek's Jack, then later Doug (drool).
Oh, and I've gotten into Torchwood lately and there's plenty of lesbian scenes and the net is full of assumptions that Captain Jack is bisexual-- or gay depending on where you go.
And did you know that Mystique from X-men is actually bisexual?
Or that Sailor Uranus and Salior Neptune are actually a lesbian couple (though the American version has them as 'cousins')?

So here's my question to you. Is there a show out there that drew you in and kept you coming back for more because of the gay relationships in them? Is there a show that brings slashy thoughts to mind? (My own guilty pleasure is Roswell slash fics) Perhaps this will bring back some good memories or get me looking into new shows.

Also, a week from today, my Christmas M/M story is being released at Phaze. *happy dance* It's titiled enWrappture and is part of Phaze's Frost Heatsheet line along with a follow up to my Valentine themed Heatsheet, At The Edge

Last, but not least. An editor friend and I have created a blog called Worlds of Mayhem. It's a tool which we would like to use to help others, along with ourselves, promote books. It's not a review blog, but somepleace readers can go to find great reads. Our target is from fluffy romance to hot erotic romance, all genres welcome. In fact, I'd love to see more M/M authors eventually on our list. Come check us out and let us know if you'd like to participate.


Amanda Young said...

I bought the first season of the The Lair on dvd because of the gay vampire angle. *g*

Sabrina Luna said...

Just wanted to let you know I finished FAIRYVILLE the other night --awesome! Thx for the recommendation! :)

S )O(

Anonymous said...

The Lair? Hmmmm, have to check that one out :D

And your welcome Sabrina. I thought it was a good book too

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