Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boys in the Kitchen

I was watching Paula Deen last night on Food Network and salivating over the stuffed filet mignon she was making. But she wasn't making it alone, oh no she wasn't. She had Jason Priestly there with her, and this was after she'd already made a raspberry-sherry trifle with Carson Kressley. That Paula, she loves to cook with men.

Of course, that got me thinking how absolutely delicious (pun intended) it would be to watch two beautiful boys working together in the kitchen. Men doing anything together is usually slash-worthy, at least for me, but to watch them cook would be amazing. Assuming they weren't cooking for guests, there would be licking of fingers and offerings of tastes right from the pot. They would trail a hand over the other's back as they moved back and forth from stove to counter to sink. If sharp knives were involved, one would always watch protectively as the other one chopped or diced. There might be a little making out against the table while they waited for the oven timer. And when the meal was finished, they would feed bites to each other, and probably take dessert to bed with them.

I'm a writer, okay? I make things up.


K.A. Mitchell said...

And I am so glad you make up such pretty things for my head to show me.

Tory Temple said...

The picture of that cutie in the kitchen doesn't hurt either, does it? :)

Elle Parker said...

Ooo! I have a men cooking together scene in the book I'm just finishing now. of them is doing more watching and flirting, than actually helping :)

Tory Temple said...

Elle, I just love men cooking together! It's one of the sexiest things they can do.

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