Thursday, October 23, 2008


I recently had the chance to have lunch with Lorna and Shawn, the owners of Torquere Press. One thing we talked about was what's hot in romance right now. Pirates were on that list, and didn't that make me happy!

Ian and Silas found their start in 'Fool's Gold', my pirate novella in the Galleons & Gangplanks anthology from Torquere. Since then, I've written one other short with them for the Rings Toy Box (also from Torquere).

I love them, dearly, as do my readers. So when the idea of pirates came up, Ian and Silas were right there, ready to talk. So... they're getting their own Chaser series.

High Seas is the collective title for what is sure to be a classic pirate adventure full of danger, drama, hot sex, and of course, the usual banter between the cynical forty-something Ian and his youthful, acid-wit partner, Silas.

So stay tuned for more! ;)


chocolate minx said...

Which one looks like Johnny Depp ??

Liz said...

Hmm... probably Silas, if I had to pick. ;)

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