Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspiration, Chocolate, and Music

Tory Temple's blog on Sunday reminded me that I, too, have taken inspiration from Paula Deen and her guest stars. She's had a particular pastry chef on Paula's Party at least twice now. He's undoubtedly the sexiest pastry chef in the US, possibly the world, and damn but he knows how to flirt. Rowr! His name is Johnny Iuzzini and when I was creating one of my heroes it didn't take much to realize who I was describing. I even gave the character a couple of tattoos before I ever knew Johnny had any.

Oh, and I mentioned he was a pastry chef, right? On this episode, he made Chocolate Pudding with Candy Roses. ::sigh::

And on a completely different note, I leave you with this hilarious and completely un-PC video link. I Love the Gays

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