Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conspiracy? Or just reality TV?

There was a bit of controversy this week on some of the sites and blogs I frequent. Season 8 of American Idol came to an end, and despite being very talented with a wide range of ability, the openly gay contestant didn't win.

There was an outcry among the GLBT and GLBT-supporters. Adam Lambert had gay rights organizations pulling for his victory. It was said that the more conservative center of America was doing anything they could to avoid making Adam the victor, and opting instead for the handsome (non-makeupped) Kris Allen from Arkansas.

I have no idea if any of that was true. I watch American Idol for the sheer enjoyment and to feed my guilty pleasure of reality shows. (That Simon Cowell is some cutie, too.) I had absolutely no opinion either way on Kris Allen or Adam Lambert, and it pleased me to see that the two men seemed to genuinely like each other and got along well during the competition. Gay or straight, they were both exceptionally talented and had different abilities as far as vocal range. Either man deserved to win, and not because of sexual orientation.

Can't we all just sing together?

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