Friday, May 1, 2009

Artsy Friday

Woohoo! The weekend is here! And for your Friday enjoyment, I thought I'd share a drawing I've been working on for a while. Most of my work tends to be made digitally these days, or at least drawn on paper first and then painted in Photoshop, but I love working with color pencils.




Lily said...

What a gorgeous drawing!!

Anne Cain said...

Thank you, Lily!!!

sylvan said...

wow! i just admired that at deviant!
it is beautiful!

Helen said...

Beautiful image! I love working with colored pencils too, but like you I'm doing mostly digital these days. Still, this makes me want to break out my pencils and get to work ;)

Anne Cain said...

@Sylvan--thank you! *mwuah*

@Helen - Break out those pencils, girl! :D I love my tablet and Photoshop, but nothing beats the feeling of working with actual materials. It's the smell and texture!

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