Thursday, May 14, 2009

Round Robin XXII

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“What do you want to hear? That I’ve been selling my ass on the streets since I was sixteen?”

Cole knew Matthew was trying to provoke him, probably into tossing him out and validating Matthew’s twisted view of humanity. Cole had steeled himself for hearing something like that, but the rush of anger—not at Matthew—but at whoever had forced him to that was still surprising. In as mild a tone as he could manage, Cole said, “You could start with tonight. Do you know why those kids came after you?”

Matthew shook his head, but Cole just waited. Finally Matthew shrugged. “I thought Tyler might have sent them.”

“Who’s Tyler?”

“I thought he was my boyfriend.” Matthew gave a hollow laugh. “You’d think I’d have learned something. Turns out I was just his whore. He said he’d give me money if I just disappeared and didn’t tell anyone. He was supposed to meet me.”

“This Tyler have a last name?”

Matthew fixed Cole with a steady gaze as if daring him to doubt what he was going to say. “Bronson.”

“Holy shit.” Cole thought he’d been ready for anything. Bronson. You couldn’t live in this town and not know that name. Hell of a family to cross. Money, yeah. But Tyler’s uncle was a U.S Senator and his father—Oh shit.

“I’m guessing that you mean the Tyler Bronson whose dad is the head of PureLife Ministries. The one with the conversion camps for gays.”

“Bingo.” But Matthew’s voice was shaky and he couldn’t hold the smile.

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