Thursday, May 21, 2009


*grins* Well, got your attention at least, eh? ;)

I'm working on a BDSM story for an antho Beth Wylde is putting together for Phaze. So... Without further ado... here's a snip... ;) (We're aiming for a Christmas time release.)


“On the table, hands and knees.”

Eli climbed up and got on his hands and knees, head hanging down. He watched Kent from between his legs. Kent wheeled over a towel-covered tray, but Eli couldn't see anything when Kent pulled off the towel. Kent reached out and pressed Eli down until Eli's shoulders were down and his head rested on his folded arms. The position left Eli's ass in the air, thighs wide.

“Just my fingers,” Kent said after a few seconds. Eli sucked in a breath when two slick fingers breached his body, surging deep. “That's it,” Kent murmured, hand twisting.

Eli moaned and couldn't stop himself from rocking back onto Kent's fingers. A swift, sharp slap on his ass followed and Eli yelped.

“Keep still, boy, or I'll strap you down now.”

“Yes, Sir,” Eli gasped, biting back a shudder when Kent's fingers stroked over his gland. “Oh, God...”

Kent withdrew and then something cool and slender slipped into Eli's ass. “Just a quick temp reading,” Kent explained. He left the thermometer in and walked around to Eli's front. “Look up.”

Eli lifted his head and Kent fed a short black silicone penis into Eli's mouth. With the strap buckled around Eli's head, he couldn't spit the gag out. He whimpered and had no choice but to suck, the sensation of a cock on his tongue making his own throb.

“If you need to stop, use your visual cue – two for slow down, three for stop.”

Eli nodded, highly doubting he'd need the cues. In all their playing over the years, he'd only needed a safe word once, and that had been at the beginning, before they got to know each other's limits. Now, things between them seemed to be second nature.

Kent returned behind Eli and grasped the thermometer. Eli had almost forgotten it until it began twisting and sliding in and out, teasing the hell out of him. Then it was gone. A few seconds later, both asscheeks were spread wide apart and he felt Kent's breath on his hole, blowing gentle and hot. Eli moaned around the gag and sucked harder on it, his ass clenching with every tickle of breath. Kent alternated between cool and warm, and Eli couldn't decide which he liked more.

“Good responses,” Kent announced. He released Eli and rummaged on the tray for something. “Now this is going to be a little cold...”


Louisa Edwards said...

Dude! Hot stuff. Do you have more like this already available? : )

Liz said...


Yep... I've got a few stories that either contain med play, or are focused on it.

Onyx - contains a scene:

Specula - focuses on med play:

The Next Step - contains med play, coming from Phaze on June 15th. (It's the sequel to Onyx.)

This particular story is for a BDSM antho with Phaze, due out around December, I believe. :)

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