Monday, September 28, 2009

Deleted scene from Never Too Late

I was sitting here pondering what to post when I remembered I had a scene that was cut out of my latest book, Never Too Late during the final edits. So, I thought why not let the readers of Slash & Burn have first look of this deleted conversation between Brice and Dakota.

Deleted Scene:

Setup: This conversation occurs after chapter 11 ends and before chapter 12 begins. Brice and Dakota are laying in bed after a session of sex and Brice is wanting to talk.

“Are you awake?”

Dakota opened an eye just enough to give Brice a quick glare. “No.”

Brice laughed and the sound made Dakota’s gut warm. “Talk to me.”

Dakota groaned. “Just my luck to be stuck with a talker.”


Dakota opened his eyes and held back a smile. “Oops, was that my out loud voice?”

“Ha ha. But I’m serious.” He turned on his side toward Dakota. “What do you like to do when you’re not…well, working?”

“To sleep.”

“Seriously, Dakota.” Brice nudged him in the arm.

Dakota nibbled on his lower lip while he contemplated his answer. He wasn’t in the habit of telling his clients too much personal information, but something about Brice’s character compelled him to share. “There’s nothing unusual about me, Brice. I do everyday-ordinary things like everyone else does when they aren’t working. I have friends, watch movies, listen to music.”

“What kind of music?”

“You’re a pushy brat, aren’t you?”

Brice shrugged and a sexy little smile graced his lips. “Sue me for wanting to know a little bit more about the man I’ve found to be a delectable fuck.”

Feigning a sigh, Dakota returned Brice’s smile. “Fine, I’ll humor you. I rarely listen to anything that’s not classified as classical music. Bach and Listz are my favorite composers.”

“Hmmm, I think Gershwin’s better. I love how he mixed jazz with classical for Rapsody in Blue. Did you know that the song was also Al Capone’s favorite?”

“Wasn’t aware, but I’m sure my life will be so much better now that I know.”

Brice gave him a playful punch in the arm. “Smart ass. How about movies? What’s your favorite?”

“I’m a bit of an 80’s movie junkie. The whole Brat-Pack fad. But my favorite would be Weird Science. Kelly LeBrock was hawt.”

Brice laughed. “Who could forget the bras on the head and Chet calling everyone a buttwad. But I had a thing for the actor who played Wyatt”

“You’ve actually seen the movie?” Dakota couldn’t believe it. Brice’s generation thought the Brat-Pack was the same as the Rat-Pack. Let alone know about a cheesy movie about how two teenagers made a woman using a computer and a Barbie doll.

“Thanks to Winter and her obsession with what she calls retro films.”

“A girl after my own heart.”

“But nothing, not even her wild plans she cooks up, stops me from missing an episode of Bones. Thanks to DVRs of course.”

“Isn’t Booth the hottest FBI Agent?”

Brice laughed. “Who’d have thought that someone like you could get goo-goo eyed over an actor?”

Dakota scowled. “I don’t do goo-goo eyed.”

“Whatever you say,” Brice was still chuckling.

Dakota pushed on Brice’s shoulder so he fell onto his back. “Enough talk. Go to sleep. You’ll need your rest for later.”

Brice rolled his eyes. “Give me your best shot. This kid can take you on anyday.”

Dakota growled and turned so he lay on his stomach, face away from the temptation Brice offered without knowing it. “Sleep,” he ordered.

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