Monday, September 21, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

Hello guys and gals. I know I haven't been nearly as chatty as I normally am, here on the blog and elsewhere. Want to know why? Cause I've been a busy little smut writer.

No, I actually haven't been waxing poetically about butt-sex lately, although I am slowly but surely working on the fourth and final installment of my Reckless series. Instead, I've been out and about doing public events.

In the last two weeks, I've done The Crucible in Washington DC (with Beth Wylde and DL King) and Roanoke's Pride in the Park(with JM Snyder and Vincent Diamond). On the 26th I'll be at Durham's Pridefest, along with Beth Wylde and Vincent Diamond. I may be an introvert by nature, but even I enjoy coming out of my hidey-hole occasionally.

Below are some pictures for you. :D

From left to right: Andy Eisenberg, Marguerite Labbe, and Beth Wylde. While we didn't all share a table, it was lovely to have some extra author company at Pride this year.

From left to right: JM Snyder, Vincent Diamond, John (my hubby), and me. Check out the 'fro I was sporting. Rain + curly hair = disaster.

Me in DC, all dressed up for the play party hosted by The Crucible last Saturday night.

Beth Wydle and me the day of the Leather Fleamarket at The Crucible. Could my face have been any more shiny? I think not.


JenB said...

Great photos. I love putting faces to all the names. And I like your devil heart t-shirt too! :D

Amanda Young said...

Thanks. It's my logo shirt. :D I actually bought a really cute shirt at Roanoke Pride to wear this weekend at Durham Pride. It's a pink heart with wings and it has the little equality = sign in the middle and says marriage equals love beneath the heart. It's much cuter than I'm making it sound. lol

Liz said...

LOVE the pics! I'm so jealous. Beth told me all about the fun at The Crucible. *sighs*

Maia Strong said...

"Leather Fleamarket"? Be still my thrifty little heart. *sigh*

Love the pic of you all pretty for the party! You look fabulous!

Amanda Young said...

Thanks! We definitely had a good time. :D

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