Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why me?

Why is it, when I have deadlines, my Muse decides it'd be more fun to go on vacation... without me???

I've been trying to tackle a couple of stories, both due October 1st, and the ideas just... aren't there.

Wonder if he stole Zathyn's muse and they BOTH went on vacation without us? *ponders*


Ro DuBose said...

Too bad you can't put a stainless steel tracking ankle bracelet on him that gives him a zap when he crosses outside the door, LOL

Unknown said...

I don't think muses are really having fun until the editors are breathing down our necks, Myc. All month I've had the same problem. Oct 1 looms....

Hey. Your muse doesn't happen to have a thing for pretty blond muse boys by any chance? No. prolly not.

A virtul tracking bracelte is not a bad idea.

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