Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today, I was bad

Well, really it's been all week. I lazed about like mad. No jobhunting, no writing. Nothing but reading. This is of course completely counter-productive to me getting anything done but them's the brakes.

I sense that I'm dancing with burn out again. This is a much more mellow hit than it was last time when I was going stark raving mad from not being able to write anything or really think.

Not fun, no sir. However, this time around, I did manage to get something done so I don't feel like I'm just wandering off again. My short story, Just a Game, was accepted by Cobblestone about a week ago so I'm stoked on that.

Once Red Rose releases mine and Cassidy Ryan's Pain Management, we'll probably start on the sequel which is currently unnamed and totally all in our heads right now. I have a few things I'm toying with but I'm just not with it.

Seems like I hit these roadblocks more and more these days. Ah, but I'll climb over 'em and be back on my feet in no time.

Anyone else having the blahs lately? I swear everyone becomes a over-producing machine when I'm like this so somebody make me feel better and tell me you're tempted to run away and hide too!

And to make up for my total lack of awesome today - my distractions. Let me show them to you:

(The size of this thing makes me go O.O)


JenB said...

YAY for acceptance! It's a nice story, if I do say so myself. :D

And you are a very naughty girl. Goodness...that thing is bigger than her arm!

The man corset freaks me out though. Not gonna lie.

Amanda Young said...

Wow. Those are some inspirational pictures, Zoe. Personally, I think I'd run from that one guy. Jeez, I think his mother must have fed him miracle grow or something. lol.

If it makes you feel any better, I've written pretty much nada since May. That's right - May. Thankfully, I think I've finally managed to work my way out of it. But it happens to everyone from time to time. You're burn out will pass as soon as you get a killer story idea. Something you just can't resist. ;)

Zoe Nichols said...

@Jen -- You're just a wimp in general. But it's okay, I love ya still. Yeah, seriously, that thing is like O.O

@Amanda I know right! It's scary-big.'re walking bow-legged for the next month at least. And *sigh* I know it'll pass. It's the waiting for it to pass that kicks my ass.

About Ethan said...

Inspiring photos! It may be too big, but I'd give it a try!

Zoe Nichols said...

@About Ethan - LOL! I salute you my friend - I'm not that brave.

Well...I am kinda curious. Hmm.

Amie said...

That one almost looks like a "don't point that thing at me" kind of a deal, but it does make me wonder...

If it helps, I've got the blahs so bad I joined facebook and started playing online games. Not going to get EDJ stuff done and not working on my jewelry either...


too burnt out right now.

Congrats on the acceptance though!

Zoe Nichols said...

*pets Amie* Is okie. The blahs, they will pass. And Facebook is a totally good way to get better.

I play the Vampire game constantly. It's not productive but its keeping me from feeling like too much of a waste.

And thanks :)

Amie said...

I'll have to look up the vampire game. I'm getting into mafia wars to a disturbing degree.

*leaning into the petting*

Maia Strong said...

Zoe, I'm totally in the Camp of the Unmotivated right now. I know what I *should* be writing. I know what I *want* to write. But actually getting my ass in gear to do it has become a ridiculous challenge.

Amie said...

I've been dodging a variety of "tasks" including but not limited to, EDJ, house cleaning, yard work, and anything remotely related to creative effort. Good tip on the vampire wars...

Zoe Nichols said...

@Maia and Amie:

Greatest way to kill time: Liev Schreiber.

All I can do is look at him and pant and want and...well, not do anything productive.

It's not an answer...but what the hell, it makes me smile *g*

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