Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Sale & WIP peek

There was something I wanted to blog on/discuss last week but never got the chance to write it up. Now--you guessed it--I totally forgot what it was. -_-

Loose ID is having a Labor Day sale: From Sept. 3rd to the 6th, they are offering 5% off all e-books purchased. No gimmicks. No codes. Just buy and save.

Self serving thing I am I encourage you to try out the ChildsPrey series then with the $ you save at LI go on and pick up Their Lover the last book in the series. It even has a cameo appearance from everybody's favorite TMPD Inspector Miki Nabeshima.

Noble Romance is putting together an anthology with a western theme. Working title on that is Cocked and Fully Loaded ^_^ Here's a taste of mine introducing the hero (needless ot say it's unedited.):

Indian Territory 1893

The orange glow of a small campfire offered little respite from the chill and absolute blackness closing in on the two men in the clearing. The larger man, deputy U.S. marshal Jon Sauvage, slept lightly as always, each cricket chirp, every rustle of a small animals in the brush capturing his attention long enough to recognize and dismiss it as inconsequential.

But another sound, close by brought him fully awake. Before a second, similar sound came Jon had pulled his Colt and aimed with the deadly swiftness that had earned him the nickname Savage Jon.

"And what do you think you're up to, Cantrell?" he asked the prisoner who rested poised on all fours not more than a foot away.

"Not much, Marshal," the man said indolently, his breath catching just enough for Jon to know that despite the easy bravado he feared for his life. "Just thought I'd give us what we both want and get it out of the way. Thought it might make the rest of the trip a bit more pleasant."

Jon sat up, revolver still cocked and aimed right between the other man's eyes. "And what do you think we both want?"

"For me to suck you off."

"And I'd want that, why?"

Cantrell laughed. He shifted and sat back on his heels, his hands resting lightly on his slim thighs. I can see it in your eyes. You're like me. I can tell."

Jon's cock hardened inside his worn denims. "I'm nothing like you Cantrell. I'm the one with the badge. You're the one going to jail."

Cantrell laughed again and slid his hand across his own crotch. "I heard what the whore said to you when you stopped by that whorehouse to water the horses."

Jon remained silent.

"Come on and stay the night," Cantrell mimicked in a high pitch. "I'll let you fuck my ass. You're the only one I let do that." He smirked. "She lets you do it, but is she any good? Don't you really want to hold on to another cock instead of a pair of tits when you ride that ass?"

The silence between them fell once more. The crickets chirped and Jon was certain they were also egging him on.

"Get back to your side and go to sleep. We got a long ride to Fort Smith."

Cantrell remained as he was. "Let me do it. I never had an Indian before. I won't try nothing. I promise. You can shoot me if I do."

"I can shoot you any time and no one has to be the wiser."

Cantrell smiled.

This smile was softer and the way he licked his lips hardened Jon's cock more. Jon stood, gun still aimed, then undid the buttons of his pants and pulled his erection free. "Do it good."


Marie McGaha said...

Ahem...well now--I don't know know whether to say very nice, or yikes! lol
Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

Barbara Sheridan said...

Nice and yikes! both work. LOL Thanks for stopping by, Rie.

H.C. Brown said...

Ride em cowboy....whoo hooo!
Heather.C. Brown

Barbara Sheridan said...

I imagine that cowboy will do some wild riding, soon as I think of the rest of his story. :P

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