Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ally's Beach Adventure

At least, that's the plan *g*

The family and I are spending the next week in Myrtle Beach, SC, for my in-laws' 50th anniversary. My plans consist mostly of working on the novel-in-progress and getting some reading done. But, I know the rest of the clan won't let me get away with that for the entire week, so what I'm wondering is, what's fun for a group of a dozen adults and teens to do together in Myrtle Beach?

I know the place is busting with stuff to do. I've heard there is an awesome outlet center, which I am TOTALLY planning to hit. I also heard there's a Medieval Times restaurant, which I told my MIL we really need to go to. I loved the one I went to in Toronto years ago, and I know my son and my nephew would have a blast. That's all I know of for sure so far, though.

So what about it, y'all? Who's been to Myrtle Beach? Any suggestions for family activities?


April said...

There is a place called preservation station there. You can get your pictures taken with wolf cubs, tiger cubs or monkeys and they also offer tours of their farm/trainging area. My husband and I went, it's expensive and really young kids aren't allowed. But it was the best thing, these are the animal trainers that did Dr Doolittle and you can see the tigers, ligers elephants. We got to play with cubs, it was a blast and I have a ton of pictures from it. I would definitely look into this. I'm dying to do it again.

Ally Blue said...

Oh man, that sounds really cool! Will definitely have to look into it, thanks for the tip :D

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