Monday, December 21, 2009

Food, heavenly food

It's my turn to partake in the Naughty Stocking Stuffers giveaway!
I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday season so far. I know I've gained some weight from just all the good food that's been floating around...with more to come this week. ^-^

I'll make this short and sweet since I'm helping my husband with his job's Christmas luncheon today and won't even dream of seeing my computer until later tonight.

Just comment on this post and let me know about your favorite food during this time of year. I personally adore (oh, heck, make that crave) fudge. No matter the flavor. But growing up, I always made a variety of fudge with my mother and gave away to family and friends. So I guess it has some sentimental value to it too. :P

Oh, yeah, and the prize you wonder? I'll give one lucky winner 2 of my Christmas themed e-books : enWrappture and No Ordinary Holiday. So don't hesitate as I'll be picking a winner on Tuesday and adding it to this post.
(it's easier to contact the winner if you graciously leave email adresses with your comments also).

Added 12/22: Thank you to all who responded. All the talk about yummy food has really made me hungry-even this early in the morning. :P I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas season. See you in 2010!

WINNER: Congratulations Tam!

Also, orelukjp0 email me at marty (at) martyrayne (dot) com as I've chosen a second winner for my e-book A Gift Worth Sharing.

Merry Christmas!!!


Chris said...

My favorite treats at this time of year are homemade candies - bonbons, peanut butter cups, caramels, English toffee...

blessedheart said...

My favorite food is my mom's stuffing. It's awesome and no one can make it like she does!

God Bless,

Janna said...

In the Netherlands we have two holidays in December, Christmas and Sinterklaas (at December 5th). That particular holiday goes with special 'Sinterklaas' candy called 'speculaas'. It's some sort of cakelike biscuit that we only eat in December. That's my favorite food/candy this time of the year :)

Happy Holidays,

s7anna said...

I love butter pecan tarts...they are just so darn scrumptious! Plus, I adore holiday cookies...sugar cookies, shortbread and other baked goods...chocolate fudge is really yummy.

Merry Christmas
Anna Shah Hoque

n.c. jenks said...

My favorite food during Christmas is the Italian Rum cake my grandma makes. Oh, and the cookies that she makes. She adds a little bit of brandy to the cookies and they taste delicious.. but I'm all of a sudden craving fudge.. lol... Happy holidays..

Amy said...

My favorite treat this time of year is eggnog. The kind from the grocery store; no raw eggs here! The local store brands come in flavors now, too; English Toffee, Sugar Cookie, and Gingerbread eggnog. They make wonderful muffins and pancakes. You can also mix the plain eggnog with chai, heated or cold, for another treat. And a related treat from sunny Puerto Rico: the coquito. To make a batch, combine a can of evaporated milk, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a can of coconut milk, plus cinnamon and rum (Bacardi of course, since it's made in PR!) to taste. You can also mix a little regular eggnog in with the milks for a variant on the coquito. Rich, soooo not heart-healthy, but very yummy.


Tam said...

Shortbread, any shape, form or style. I'll eat it. Sigh.


Yami no Ite said...

My mom and I have discovered a new favorite "food" for the holiday season. DQ's Pumpkin Pie Blizzards. Oh, those are awesome, and so good.

Buzz3112 said...

Stewed Oyster on Xmas eve -- a family tradition for several generations, and fruitcake, and sugar cookies decorated like Santa, and pffernueses (however they're spelled) and egg nog with fresh-ground nutmeg, and chocolate -- lots of chocolate, and... oh! Did you just one one favorite food? I don't think I can do that! ;)


Happy Christmas dear -- and a splendid New Year to you and your family!

orelukjp0 said...

My favorite food is a fruit salad. My mother always made it and I remember my grandmother making it. It's very simple but so good. Just apples, bananas and pineapples cut up and mixed with a mayonnaise and pineapple juice mixture. Just the thing for a lite pick me up and it goes with everything, especially turkey.

Lodewyk G said...

Oh dear...

Trifle is definitely mine. I remember family and friends bringing the ingredients every year this time just so that I could make it for them.

Layers of custard, slices of swiss roll, chopped mixed nuts, jello, fresh cream, sliced peaches, grated chocolate with just a little bit of brandy dribbled over it. Oh wow...

Chris R said...

My favorite treats are called Dream Bars. Brown sugar, real butter, coconut, walnut...granteed to add on the weight, but I love them.

jrobe10689 @

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