Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boys and puppies

I will freely admit that my mind was not on blogging today. Usually I spend the day before my blog day thinking of topics or finding pictures to post, but this week I have to give myself a pass. You see, we got a new puppy. And as anyone who's ever had a new puppy can tell you, they're a lot. of. work. Emphasis on "a lot". I've spent my week cleaning up messes and putting already-chewed books out of reach. She also seems to be some kind of magical escape artist and has managed to climb over the kitchen gate, a card table, a big piece of cardboard, and two chairs in her attempts. Our older dog just looks at us and I know she's thinking, "Wtf did you bring home?"

So as you can see, my mind has been on other things this week. Please accept this adorable picture of a man and his puppy in lieu of a real post, and I promise I'll be back in two weeks with something of substance. ;)

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