Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't Tell Your Boyfriend...

...Your New Year's Resolutions

Chasing Smoke
I will not bring up high school every time Trey and I get into an argument.
-------Daniel Gardner

Thank God, but I'd settle for not bringing it up one time out of four.

Diving In Deep
I promise not to do that in an airport bathroom again.
--------Noah Winthrop

Why the hell not?

No Souvenirs
I will not take any vacations without very careful planning.
--------Jae Sun Kim

C'mon, it didn't totally suck.

Says the guy with scars from it.

Yeah, but that's not all I got.

Hot Ticket

I will remember that the volume knob has more than one setting.
--------Cade McKuen

Huh? I can't hear you? I think I'm deaf.

And continue to worship my boyfriend's huge cock.


I thought you were deaf.

I can still read.

Oh, right.

Regularly Scheduled Life

I will find a way to get that outdoor shower installed at the beach house without Sean finding out until it's done.
--------Kyle DiRusso

Nice try.

You'll thank me when the families descend on us.

Let's not tell them when we finish the house.

I like the way you think, papi chulo.

Unnamed WIP

I will figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.

I will figure out if I want a rest of my life.

Jeez, guys. Dark much?

Collision Course
I will only manipulate people when it's really necessary.
-------Joey Miller

I will only not manipulate people when even if I think it's really necessary. Much better.

Stop editing my resolutions.


Fine. Aaron Chase's resolution: I will stop calling people assholes even when they deserve it.

It's not a resolution if you write it for me, princess.

My point exactly.

But yours isn't a resolution. It's got a huge loophole.


Resolutions are for pussies anyway. You aren't going to change so why bother.

But I—

Are you happy right now?


Then what the hell do you need a resolution for?

What if we make it interesting.?


A bet.

I thought you were supposed to want to keep your resolutions.

I do.

So why bet when you know you love losing as much as winning.

I will keep trying to make as many readers as possible fall in love with the characters in my head. Clearly, I'm already nuts about them. And no, I'm not working on a menage. ^ ^
---------K.A. Mitchell

Nicky and Ian from An Improper Holiday hope that everyone's Twelfth Night was as pleasurable as theirs was.


Jambrea said...

OMG! I love this! Thank you!!! It makes me want to re read!!!

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, Jambrea. It was fun to write, like visiting old friends.

Sarah S. G. Frantz said...

"not working on a menage"


Tam said...

Funny, very funny. Good luck keeping your resolution, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to join the 20% who are successful each year.

K.A. Mitchell said...

Sorry, Sarah. My imagination extends to alien sexual organs, but at my emotional core (what I need to feel my characters) I'm too jealous to imagine an HEA ménage. I've read polyamorous stories that I've enjoyed, Vonda McIntyre's Starfarer characters, for instance.

K.A. Mitchell said...

Thanks, Tam. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Louisa Edwards said...

Every single one of these made me grin! I couldn't pick a favorite (oh, who am I kidding? Joey and Aaron ftw!) but I'm very intrigued by Jae Sun (can't wait for his story) and your unnamed WIP--do I smell a three-way love story? God, I hope so.

What's better than two K.A. Mitchell heroes? THREE!

K.A. Mitchell said...

Louisa, I had a hard enough time keeping Joey and Aaron from turning it into a bit of prose, stealing the pen from each other and then their puppy running off with the pen. It's hard to stuff those characters back in once I let them out. But I loved what Cam had to say. Sometimes my characters surprise me. Sorry, no menage, but sort of three heroes. :)

Davina said...

loved this! can't wait to read No Souvenirs. How is the WIP coming along?

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

These were great! Love, love, love Joey/Aaron and Sean/Kyle. And tossing in my own "Can't wait for No Souvenirs!"

K.A. Mitchell said...

Hi Davina. Thanks! The WIP is moving in fits and starts, which is normal for where I am in it.

Thanks, Kelly. I just got the ARC for No Souvenirs and I'm really excited too. Shane and Kim were a good match for each other.

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