Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't you hate the wait after sending in a manuscript to your editor? I have a huge weakness when it comes to writing a synopsis (no matter how many classes I take *sigh*), so I've found it much easier to complete the story before sending it off. I've only accepted a contract before the story was completed once, and well...the stress was way too much for me. Especially when the story, mostly the end, completely changed from the synopsis I sent. After some compromise between myself and my editor we ended up with a good story. And I swore never to do it again.

Anyway, I get off topic. (like the below picture ;) )

So what else does a writer do once the recent story is out of her hands? Start a new project, right? But how do you choose which plot bunny to work on. Usually I have two or three screaming at me at any given moment. Choices, choices. I try to go with the one that is yelling the loudest or the most clear in my mind. Sometimes it works, then again, sometimes another one pops up and decides to take the lead. It's a wonder I get anything done. lol
I'm happy to say that the two projects I'm working on are both m/m stories. :) I hope to get them completed soon...if my real life will calm down enough. But then, my kids are going on a school field trip to DC this week, so I'm hoping to have at least two days to really get a lot of work done. *crossing fingers*
So, if you are an author, how do you choose your next project? Any certain ritual?

Have a great week!!!


Missy Welsh said...

My current project is off to the editor at the moment, but its sequel is still unfinished. While she's working on the first one, I hesitate to work on the second since a few things have already changed. So, I look to the other ideas that have a few scenes going for them. Often times, this means working on the one screaming the loudest, but sometimes I read through scenes that make me smile just to get a smile. Waiting on an editor and wondering what she's going to recommend this time, is stressful, so I find myself doing what makes me happy and distracts me from my nervous waiting.

P.S. Thanks for that pool pic... Yummy!

Amanda Young said...

Unfortunately, I'm the same way. I don't like submitting anything until it's finished. The stress of being forced to write and stay on topic kills plot bunnies around my house. I like a lot more wiggle room. :D

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