Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You'll understand, I trust

Thing is, it's actually Monday night right now for me, being on the West Coast of N. America, although by blog time it's now Tuesday and therefore officially my blog day. Why does that matter, you ask? Well, because I've had just enough wine to make me ever so slightly daffy, and you should know that's because it's Monday night, not Tuesday morning. Okay? Yes, linear time is weird.

So, I had this fantastic dinner tonight with the hubs and my stage sistah, Ashley. (Seriously. She played my sister a year ago in "Proof".) No, wait! This is relevant to the blog theme, I swear! See, she's this amazing person who's so much fun and so fucking awesome and wonderful that I half-on-purpose/half-accidentally wrote her into my forthcoming novella with Torquere Press, False Dawn. (Fortunately, as she's an actor, I figure it's a role she'd have fun playing. ;) ) I mean, how can my hero, Police Detective Galen Traub on the generational starship Lazna Zora, not have a partner who says shit like "Fuck your face." and "Balls!"? He'd be lost without her as he searched for his missing hubby! She keeps him grounded, gives him the tough love, and is absolutely indispensible to his reality--just as her RL counterpart is indispensible to mine. So, a shout out to all the real people who inspire us as authors so much that we must immortalize them on the page. And especially to Ashley: LOVE YOUR FACE!

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