Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Patience - I don't haz it

I see I'm not the only one with waiting on the brain. ::waves at Marty and yesterday's post::

Right now, though, I'm waiting on fewer people and fewer projects than I was a bare fortnight ago when last we met. I'm waiting on edits of my m/m space opera novella. (At least I know when to expect them.) And I'm waiting on my critique partner's beta of two of my manuscripts. (She promised the first of them when she gets back from the big RT Convention - yay for long fights and laptop batteries!) So, what am I doing while I'm waiting? Well, I've been waiting for so many things for so long that I wrote a sequel to my GLBT paranormal novel, recently revisited an unfinished f/f manuscript--for which I think I might have figured out how to solve The Big Conflict, so yay that--and have been beta-reading an enormous ms for a friend. Oh! And I've begun putting together notes for a third GLBT paranormal. (Gee, d'you think maybe I should submit the first one somewhere before I start the third? ::rolls eyes:: Yes, well, that falls under the waiting category again and I don't want to wait.) I think this goes beyond multi-tasking into the realms of brain-fry, and yet... I'm really excited to add more! I can't wait to dive into the m/m/f novel that my CP is beta-reading so that I can polish it for submission! Of course this means writing a synopsis, which (again, it seems, like Marty) I DO NOT ENJOY. I always sucked at book reports, and this is nothing but a grown-up book report. And then there will be the whole waiting-to-hear-from-the-publisher thing again. But even that cannot but momentarily dampen my enthusiasm. What does all this waiting teach me? It teaches me that I am not a patient person. I'm not. I'm really not. I'm totally hooked on instant gratification. And yet... Every job has its good and bad aspects, right? Even the jobs we love to do. And this is no different--except that, if I want to, I can do that job in my pajamas. ;) And so I pretend I am patient, and I wait, and I write more things while I'm waiting that I will just have to wait on again when they're written. It's a vicious cycle, but it's worth it.

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