Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sing Along

I know, you've seen that cover before, but I do have my reasons. Chasing Smoke is now available in print (even at my local Barnes and Noble—in the romance section, no less). And the cover is very pretty. worth a second look, thanks to the talented Anne Cain.

Chasing Smoke was one of those books I wrote to a playlist. The music really helped me access all that teenage misery Daniel held onto and Trey's wish that he had handled things better. One song in particular seemed to express the frustration of being gay in high school and dealing with a push-pull from a potential boyfriend (or girlfriend). Although the lyrics aren't that specific, "Shriner's Park" by Melissa Etheridge was in heavy rotation.

In kindergarten they taught me to share, so I'm offering—and I hope I can make it work—an iTunes download of four of the songs from my playlist to the first three commenters who tell me the name of the city and state where Daniel and Trey acted out their high school drama. (I'm pretty sure it's in the blurb.)

The playlist:
"Shriner's Park" Melissa Etheridge
"Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol
"Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy Tonight?" Fall Out Boy
"Tangled Up in You" Staind


M Jules Aedin said...

I have all those songs, so not entering, but damn you have good taste.

"Shriner's Park" was one of my original coming out songs.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to post a comment for the past 15 minutes! I love your work..., it's always interesting to see what songs authors write to...

Amanda Young said...

Congrats! I keep meaning to tell you, I saw a copy of Diving in Deep at my local Barnes and Noble last week. Believe me, that never happens. It's the first Samhain book I've ever seen in the store. I think it's pretty awesome that it was one of yours. :D

hdsmith said...

I'll Play.

I love your books. I got em all and recently re-read in a 2 day time period all the ones in, as I like to think of it, the Joey-Verse.

See below for my answer

Easton, PA

K.A. Mitchell said...


I need your email address to send you the playlist through iTunes. You can send it to me at
Thanks for playing!

K.A. Mitchell said...

Well, if "Shriner's Park" had been written many (many) years earlier. It could have been my coming out song. Ahem "Roll With the Changes" by REO.

Thanks! And thanks for the invite to the quiz. It was fun. Did you want to play?


I love the new look of the blog. Great job. I can't get over finding a book of mine in the book store. It's all I can do not to burst into the Snoopy dance right there.

MariaSweet said...

ok this is a bit annoying last time I'm trying to post this!

I think it was Easton, PA (well I'm about 99% sure lol).

Oh and I have two of your books Diving in Deep and An Improper Holiday with the rest on my to-read list! Love them! :) Diving in Deep was actually the first LGBT-themed book I've ever read... :)

MariaSweet said...

awww *sad* someone beat me to the punch, so to speak.... I really should learn to read the comments before me, before I post something myself! I was so proud I remembered the answer too... Oh well I guess I can't always be the first at "the scene of the crime".. :P hehe

K.A. Mitchell said...

Maria, I'm giving away three playlists, so you're in! Send me your email address at

MariaSweet said...

Oh ok didn't notice that part will send it right now. Thanks. :)

george allwynn said...

Yep! I'm playing! I'm not a published author yet, so I can do these things still! (*grin)

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