Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween geek

That is me. Total Halloween Geek. And, yes, I know, it’s a little over two weeks away, but I’m already planning.  I’ve made dried crickets already (melted butterscotch chips, peanuts and pretzel sticks –broken some – mixed together and dumped by spoonfuls onto wax paper) which may or may not actually last until our party on the 30th. But in surfing the web this AM I found the coolest thing EVER for my table.


Chocolate rats on a cheese cake. 

Bwhahahahhaa…I’m tickled, although their eyes need to be red.

The maid is going to freak today, the entire living room is spiderwebbed. A trick to using the web in bags from the store…stretch it as THIN as possible. It’s supposed to be airy and flimsy. If you want a “thick” web stretch it thin and layer the webs…far more spooky.

Tonight, Princess and I pull the gravestones out of the window seat. I’ve bought three more this year…mostly to replace the ones that didn’t make it through last year. I’ve got to hang some specters on the front porch and make the vortex with my light box and fog machine. 

Seriously, it’s Halloween folks. Better than Christmas.

If anyone else has any cool Halloween recipes I’d love to see them.


Tam said...

I just have the rat meatloaves. Just shape mini-meatloves in a similar shape to the mice on that cake, with some carrot slices for ears, beans for eyes and stick a piece of cooked spagetti under their butt for a tail when they are done.

I love that cake though.

We have a couple of new Halloween stores here and we went looking for my daughter's costume and I was amazed at some of the amazing decorations. Zombie babies seem to be popular along with some really freaky moving things, an old Grandpa in a rocking chair and a scary clown that would freak me the hell out in the dark if I ran into them. Very expensive though. $300+ which is way out of my price range.

We'll be in San Francisco this year so no decorating at my house. Not sure we'll get a pumpkin for my daughter to carve and give the Aussie an Brit a taste of North American Halloween. :-) We're renting a house/apartment so we may get some trick-or-treaters stopping by.

James Buchanan said...

You must do the pumpkin. AND if you're there early enough, drive over to Bolinas (about 40 N/W) a small farming community with pumpkin real farm patches not made up ones on a city street corner.

Maia Strong said...

Halloween is the BEST holiday!

There's a candy sushi recipe I got from Food Network. Fruit roll-ups unrolled and rerolled with Rice Krispies treats and gummy worms (I think the recipe calls for red licorice, but I prefer the worms) inside, and then sliced like sushi. They go over big when I take them to Haloween parties.

I need to get decorating!

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