Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Sunday, right? I have no idea. This is me, today:

I have the plague, or something. I wish my tissues would walk around like that, though. It would make being sick much more fun.

My last blog day (that I missed) was also spent like that, in between bouts of panic that I now have a deadline for the novel my partner and I swore we wouldn't have a deadline for. I guess passing the 25k mark means "time to shop it around", which we did, and then BOOM! Deadline.

However, this means that our novel about the highs and lows of working in a very large, very well known theme park will be released sometime in late March of 2011. I am SO. EXCITED. about this one, partly because the book is hilarious, partly because I had so much fun working on it with a co-writer. Things seem to move along so much faster.

In any case, I have to brave the wilds of Costco today (ugh, the people who want free samples will be out in force) and then I plan to ensconce myself in bed with football on tv and possibly a cat by my side.

I love Sundays.

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