Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Andddd she's back

Incredibly long and time-consuming story cut drastically short: I moved! But then I had no internet and I've been in the more northern areas of the Sunshine State so I haven't been easy to reach either.

But now: back!

I'm working on the proof of a new story as I type this so the timing is pretty phenomenal. I wish I could give y'all a date to expect it but that's where that pesky lack of internet thing kicks in. But I do believe it's supposed to be out this month but it may be pushed back later.

Either way, I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get something for me before the New Year arrives.

Jeez, is it me or does it seem kind of way too soon to be saying that? 2011 is literally a month away! Oh how the year has gone. Sorry to cut this short but I should have been in bed hours ago. I'm too young for this late night business :P

*studiously avoiding looking at the clock that is pointedly telling me it's not even 8 yet*

And how are you?

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