Thursday, November 4, 2010

With the record selection and the mirror's reflection...

Why yes, I'm quoting Billy Idol in the subject line. Surely you know what "Dancing With Myself" is really about? Oh, and the above photo isn't an ad for hand lotion. Well, okay, maybe in a way it is...

For my upcoming Christmas novel Sagittarius Blues, I needed creative euphemisms for dancing with oneself, or what one character refers to as "the art of self-pleasure." My, um, research turned up this most excellent and extensive list of slang terms for male masturbation, even if the actual word itself is misspelled in the URL. (Write this stuff for a living, and you remember how to spell all manner of interesting terms!)

So many amusing ways to describe a simple yet gratifying act. My favorite has to be "tuning the organ", which I used in my book. Speaking of playing one's, erm, instrument, I also came across this list of 10 songs about masturbation:

Nice list, but they left out Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop". (Surely you knew what that one was about, too?)

What's your favorite slang term and/or song about pumping gas at the self-service island? Do you find it hot to imagine Han Solo stroking his own Wookie? Humor aside, I find it not only sexy but beautiful to describe a man in the throes of pleasure at his own hand. So while two guys are better than one, readers will definitely encounter the topic of self-loving at least a few times in my male/male stories. Hey, as Ms. Lauper sang, there "ain't no law against it yet"!


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Gosh, I have to confess to not knowing about that Billy Idol song's meaning, nor the Meat Loaf, nor the Elton John. But I did know She Bop!

How about self-fulfilling prophecy? Just thought that one up lol

K. Z. Snow said...

I love that list! Some of the euphemisms seem awfully wordy, though.

Hate to admit it (well, not too terribly), but I've heard many of the common ones over the years. Spanking the monkey, choking the lizard, stretching the snake, tickling the snail (that's for wimmins), and a buttload more I can't remember.

Yeah, I have a lot of friends in low places. ;-)

Word Veri just added one: faugged. Heh-heh.

Katrina Strauss said...

Jules ~ Well, now you know. And good one! :D

KZ ~ I've used a few of those myself, while I had a lot of fun incorporating a select few phrases into the story.

I leave you with Mr. Miyagi's Zen advice of whack on, whack off. ;)

Word Veri is heatig... You can tell it's heatig up in here because of the faugged windows!

Chris said...

"First Orgasm", also by the Dresden Doll, and "Get a Grip" by Semisonic (sort of obscure - here's the very funny video).

Katrina Strauss said...

Chris ~ LOL What a hilarious video! Thanks for sharing! :D

And I love Amanda Palmer's lyrics -- always so brutally honest.

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