Monday, November 22, 2010

Early gift...

Well, I missed my posting day earlier this month *sigh* I don't like doing that, but unfortunately things happen to us all. I was going to talk about NaNo (National Novel Writing Month), except now that it's nearly over and got in the way the past couple of weeks, I don't think I will. lol Whoever thought to put it in November, anyway? The beginning of the holiday season. Or perhaps that's the biggest challenge about it.

Speaking of holidays, last night my husband and I enjoyed an early Christmas present. We went and saw Elton John and Leon Russell (who? Yeah, I was the same way) in concert. What a terrific show! The energy was incredible, both from the band and the audience.

Forgive the fuzziness to the pictures. I wasn't that far away, but my camera wasn't cooperating - story of my life this month. Maybe Santa will give me a new one this year.

This was our fifth time seeing Elton John in concert in the 16 years we've been together. 3 times with Billy Joel, once with just his piano tour, and then last night. If you've never seen him, I highly recommend it. He really outdid himself playing a good variety of his hits. My only complaint was that he didn't play anything from the 90's or 2000's.
:( Those are great songs too.

This was also the closest I've ever sat to the stage. It was wonderful not having to rely on the big screens to see the performer. Also the age variety of the audience was amazing - from young kids to elderly who needed help climbing the stairs. I guess that happens when you've been making music for 40 years 0-0

The guy in the white hat (right side) is Leon Russell. He reminds me of one of the ZZ Top guys - lol. He and Elton John have a new album - The Union - out that is really good. Though I'd never heard of Russell, I've found him quite easy to listen to, even though his voice reminds me of Willy Nelson. lol

I hope everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving (those of you in the US). Don't strain anything on Black Friday ;)

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