Sunday, March 6, 2011

Introducing Pia (kinda)

Wow, look at me on this blog website with so many wonderful writers. I feel like a real author today. Okay, so that feeling started when Silver Publishing sent me a contract for Fallen, but it ebbs and flows like the creativity that led me this far.

I know I should write a proper introduction, but I've never been a proper girl. You'll get to know me as I post, or your curiosity will get the best of you and you'll check out my website linked over there on the left. Instead of a proper introduction, I'd rather share a contest with you.

Come visit my blog, Staking the Muse, to learn how to enter a drawing for my third release, Man Whore (release date next Saturday). Best of all, your participation will earn money for the Trevor Project for GLBT youth, and possibly for Puppies Behind Bars, a training program that leads pups to guide dog school.

Meanwhile, I'll be catching up on my reading (M/M of course, but also some horror that's been sitting on the shelf way too long), writing (the sequel to Man Whore, and/or two WiPs involving musicians-- not that I have a penchant for boys with long hair that tease beautiful music out of instruments), and running (you know -- running -- very cathartic, and a relaxing way to tease the Muse into work).

I'll be back soon. I'm looking forward to it. Until then, visit the contest here: Staking the Muse

Pia Veleno
About the Author:

Pia is a dirty girl, but she knows you're naughty too. Tongue in cheek, and everywhere else, Pia spends her time running nowhere, avoiding housework, and randomly quoting Placebo lyrics. Now that others are reading her stories, her husband no longer wonders about her obsession with gay men falling in love.

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