Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You Very Much

When I think about the past couple of years I want to burst into that song from the Albert Finney version of Scrooge, heavy on the "That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me." I tend to be a bit sarcastic and snarky (You? Never I hear you say) but expressing gratitude is an important part of feeling good no matter what your spiritual-emotional path.

I announced my career intention as authoress (yes, I was keen on gender differentiation in words) at the age of six. It took me longer than I expected to reach that, but now I can say that I can support myself with my writing. I haven't quit my day job, because my wife would kill me and live on the insurance, but if I had to, I could be simply an authoress. It is mind-blowing and humbling because one of the things I couldn't grasp at the age of six is that to be an author who made a living one had to also have readers. Readers who were willing to pay real money (not Monopoly money) for the opportunity to be dragged into my imagination. To believe that people are willing to do that takes incredible chutzpah. To actually see it happen can leave a girl awestruck.

I am living my dream. And I couldn't be here without readers. And if I'm really slow on answering an email (or if you sent me one and it's floating in cyberspace) please know that I am profoundly and humbly grateful for your willingness to come with me as I tell you a story.

Quoting the songwriter again, "I would simply like to say, Thank you very, very, very much."

I'd love to express my gratitude in person if you happen to be near central New Jersey. I'm participating in the Book Fair at the Liberty States conference. It's from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel in Iselin, NJ. For more details, stop over here. Do not feel like you have to buy books there (though it's nice ;) especially if you've

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