Monday, March 21, 2011

E-Reader Moment

I'm so excited to be a new blogger on Slash & Burn.

A little over a week ago I had a moment. My sis, her hubby and my nieces came by unexpectedly. I was surprised but glad to see them. Well they surprised me with more than a visit. They gave me a new e-reader in celebration of my upcoming e-book releases. My sis said she wanted me to have a shinny reader so I could read the books I enjoy and write where ever I go. I was bawling like a baby. And the reader has Wi-Fi too.

It wasn’t the reader that made me cry it was my sis's support of my writing. I didn't think she understood how much writing means to me. But this makes me know she does. (sniffling then grinning). I've been playing with the reader a few hours now and I'm so excited. My sis and her hubby are so awesome.

The first book I loaded on my new e-reader was the galley for Detour my upcoming Dreamspinner Press. Loading my own book first on the reader was another teary-eyed. Oy. I’m not usually such a crier. Since then I’ve called my sis a few times thanking her and hubby. She just keeps laughing at me.

After loading some of my favorite e-books on reader I was eager to see how they looked on it. They look so great and I was off and reading. It’s been over a week already and I am really enjoying having a reader so I don’t have to read on my computer. I have lots of re-reading in my future. And buying some new books for the reader. I think my wallet and the reader had a chat they are plotting against me. LOL.

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Detour, Dreamspinner Press, Coming 2011
Reckless Behaviour, Total E Bound, May 23 2011


Amanda Young said...

It's great that your sister is so supportive of writing, Talia.

VJ Summers said...

My oldest sister regularly refers to "that porn you write." Sigh.

That said, I HEART my Nook!

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