Thursday, March 31, 2011

Romantic Times

So next week is the infamous Romantic Times Convention out here in sunny So.Cal.

We do need to have a talk with the RT folks on why they put it in Downtown LA. I mean, seriously, its a wasteland and a ghosttown after 7pm. It is by no means a "vibrant city center" like many other downtown districts are. You go in, you go to work, you leave...maybe you go to the Disney Concert Hall or Dorthy Chandler for Opera, and you eat before you go into downtown and you go back to near where you live for after performance cocktails.  On weekends you might go to Olivera Street or Korea Town for some shopping or Santee Alley if you need knock off Rolexes and a pet turtle for the kids while you pick up a boys Quinceniara tux for $50.00.  There is a "mall" closes at 7pm.

But if you're there, I'll be around. You can find me probably hanging at the bar or scoping some panels.  On Friday I'll be doing the "Fight Club" panel at 10am and the "Champagne Promo on a Beer Budget" panel at 2:45.

Come by, say hi.


K.A. Mitchell said...

But first we need to talk to RT about blatant homophobia ;) Pls to scare the 'phobes for me okay, James?

I'm in a similar situation in at a book festival in downtown Albany on Saturday. It's a ghost town.

James Buchanan said...

well you know, it's in my "backyard" so...

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