Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Responding to reviews

I'm discussing whether authors should reply to reviews over at my website, inspired by an author who replied to criticism of her book in an amazingly ill-advised manner last week. Is it ever a good idea for authors to respond to criticism? And should reviewers mention poor grammar and typos? (I say no and yes, respectively.) Would love to know what you think.


VJ Summers said...

I blogged on this topic, as well. It's hard to see your "baby" criticized, but, man, when you come back in an adversarial manner even someone as out of the loop as I tend to be catches the "virus."

That said, I'm an anal beyatch about grammar faux pas and typos - am mortified when they slip by me AND my content editor AND my line editor. That's two too many sets of eyes for silly stuff to get by. And as a reader (who's also a writer and an English teacher) when I read a book full of errors I become incensed.

I hope you'll check out my opinion on the matter at my own blog -
vjsummersandsmut . wordpress . com
(taking out the spaces, of course).

GREAT topic, Kiera!

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks for the link, VJ! I agree that it's a very interesting topic. Can't wait to read your thoughts!

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