Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer is almost here...!!!

Seriously, I'm jazzed! I know things are generally busy for creative types but, man, it has been *INSANE* this past year. I've had to pull back from my online time while working on stuff but after the first week of May, several of my bigger projects and stuff will be DONE. I have feelings of joy and accomplishment, and I am so looking forward to trolling the 'Net more in between my travels this summer. Maybe I'll actually--*gasp*--finish my website.

I'm also hoping to spend some quality time with the PS3 again. (Of course, now there's that whole fiasco with the PSNetwork hack-job that went down a couple of weeks ago. True privacy and safety on the internet is an impossible ideal--I guess the lesson is to be extremely careful with who gets your personal info and why.) But all that aside, I'm exciting to play some games! Top on the list are: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, with its sexy hero Ezio Auditore; Resident Evil 5, starring Chris Redfield's awesome guns (*WINK*); and Bioshock 2...which has no sexy hero, but is a beautiful (and scary) game which must be played. Obviously, none of these are the latest titles to hit the console, but I've been a tad out of the loop, 'kay? It's time for this gamer girl to get back in the saddle!

As soon as she, um, actually finishes everything she's supposed to first. (Oh, yeah, and maybe I should actually finish writing my books one of these days....)

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