Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ally's Running Diary

(thoughts while running five-and-a-half miles on a beautiful Sunday morning)

halfway down my driveway: Wonder if I should go pee one more time? Naw.
.2 miles: It's cold out here. I should've worn a jacket.
.75 miles: Dang, I have to pee.
1 mile: I am so slow! I'm the slowest runner in the world! Waaaaaaah!
1.5 miles: There's that abandoned dairy farm. Wonder what lives in that barn? Axe murderers? Aliens?? Lovecraftian monsters??? Oh yeah, plot bunnies. Damn them.
1.75 miles: Uh-oh. The trailer with the Scary People living in it. What if their dog barks and wakes them up, and they blame ME for it, and they are still so halfway drunk on homemade rot-gut that they get up out of bed in their underwear, grab the shotgun and KILL ME??? How long would I lie there in the ditch until someone found me??? Eep...
**runs faster**
2 miles: **checks watch** Oh now THAT'S more like it! Go me!
2.75 miles: Okay, when did all these people move here? There is no place to pee!
3.5 miles: Dang, it's hot out here. Maybe I should take off my shirt.
4 miles: Hey, that kid in the dune buggy just honked at me! Oh yeah. I still got it.
4.25 miles: **struggling to run on sloped, lumpy shoulder for the thirty-thousandth time after being forced off road by traffic** Where the heck are all these people going??? Stupid motorized vehicles.
5 miles: OMG WHY IS THIS HILL SO STEEP??? I am going to die! Wonder if anyone would stop? If they did, how would they know who to call? I don't even have any I.D. on me! CRAP, I'M GOING TO DIE HALF A MILE FROM HOME AND NO ONE WILL KNOW WHO I AM AND MY FAMILY WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT BECAME OF ME!!!
5.1 miles: **crests hill** I love running downhill, yay!!
5.5 miles: Woo-hoo, I made it! I rock so effin' hard! I am the greatest athlete in the world!
back at the house: **runs really fast to the bathroom** Next time, NO COFFEE before a run!

Whenever I go running, I learn something. Either about myself, the world in general, or just about one of my characters. Today, I learned that you never know how many people live in an area until you are running on the roads there and looking for a nice private place to pee where no one can see. Around here? There is evidently no such thing.

So what's your favorite way to relax, zone out and sink deep into your own head? What makes it special to you? Share!


Caffey said...

Hi Ally! Great to chat with you and the others yesterday. I was just visiting your site to figure out which books are in your Paranormal Investigations series. Really love reading your books!

Ah, for relaxing, I love going, not far from here but the river I think its connected to the Niagara Falls, and just be able to look so far and see water and occassionally boats, depending on the weather here cuz we get lots of snow but right now its melting and its really so relaxing to just go there and look over at the water and even sitting on the bench and feeling the breeze. So when I need to get away for a bit, I go there. It really clears my head in all I dealing with and let me really feel the air around me.

Ally Blue said...

Hey, woman! Thanks for stopping by! I loved chatting yesterday, it was SO much fun! What a great group :D

I am so jealous of you living near the beach! That's awesome. There's nothing like the water to make you feel peaceful, is there?

Bay City Paranormal Investigation series: so far, Oleander House (book 1) is the only one out. What Hides Inside is next, it comes out next month. I'm working on the third in the series, Twilight, right now, it's due out in October. I love writing about these characters, and am having a blast with the series :D

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