Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I dropped the ball :(

First off, sorry to be posting so late. I know, I'm a loser with a big L. What can I say, it's been a LONG day. But I'm here now and that's all that matters right? Better late than never? I've learned to live with that motto since having children. Pre-babies I couldn't stand to be late. Now...not so much. I couldn't care less, especially if it's something to do with my hubby's family. Hello. If they don't make it on time, I don't have to either, right?

Anyway. My winner is Ali!!! Yeah. Go Ali. Not you Ally, but ALI. You can pick any of my previous downloads, OR a GC to Samhain, OR if you don't mind waiting a bit, you can have a download of Two Sighted. It's not m/m but it's due out May 8th. It's a short story with paranormal elements :) Let me know.

I'm LMAO at Ally's previous comment about running. I started yesterday running again. I trained my ass off last summer for a triathlon in Oct. All that work and I wrecked my bike at the very end of the bike portion. Nice. So the next race is in June and I haven't done a durn thing to train for it until yesterday. I'm not in it to win, I'm in it to finish and prove to myself that I can finish. Without wrecking. :) Good thing I remember none of it and therefore am not scared to death about getting back on the dang thing. Ally, I commend you for the 5 miles. I went 1 measly mile yesterday and it was way less than pretty. Today, I can't move. My legs hurt sooo bad. So here's to all you die hard runners and bikers and swimmers out there. I envy you.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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Ally Blue said...

Dang! I didn't win!
Oh well, congrats to Ali :D

Annmarie, you and I will have to go run together sometime, then you will feel better because I am the sloooooowest person on earth LOL Keep up with your training! You can do it! Remember, you are an athlete!

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