Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feeling a bit "Geddy" today...

That's because I got lucky today on the Rush concert ticket pre-sale. Front section, Geddy's side! (You have to be a real fan to know that - Geddy is usually positioned stage left)

Anyway, I get to see the man of my dreams up close this year when Rush tours! I'm so excited hours after securing my tix, I don't think I'll be getting anything done today.

If you have followed my blogs and websites and such, you probably know music plays a large role in my writing. My first two romances, Truth or Dare and Dare Me, feature musician heroes, as did The Healing. My next project will also feature a musician in the lead, though that will be more of a mystery than a romance - but still hot!

Anyway, I'm often asked in interviews about music and if I listen to music as I write. For me, it's almost a necessity. I can't explain what it is about music that stimulates my creativity. It could be a melody or a lyric that inspires. It could be the rhythm or the steady beat of a practiced bass that helps paint an erotic scene. Whatever the reason, I am not far from my iTunes when I write.

What I do I listen to? Mainly classic rock. Rush, Zeppelin, Warren Zevon, Traffic, Zappa...just to name a few. Sometimes I fuel an entire work off one album. When writing Muse, I must have listened to Traffic's The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys a thousand times consecutively! These days, however, my daughter likes to watch American Idol, so I find two nights a week are reserved for that. Though I have to admit the banter between Simon and Ryan is starting to annoy me. I just may write a new chapter in The Healing where Julian and Dan refuse to have their songs showcased.

Well, we'll see how much writing I get done tonight.


Amanda Young said...

Hope you have a blast, Leigh!

Barbara Sheridan said...

I know exactly what you mean about music inspiring the writing. For me each story seems to end up with it's own "fxxxing song"

Have fun at the concert!

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