Saturday, March 17, 2007

Test for Echo

Hello, women who love men who love men - maybe more than one! Hah. I'm just checking to see if this thing will let me post, so if you get this message my work is done. Bouncing from Google to Blogger and back, who knows where I am?

Anyway, I'm happy to announce the pending re-release of my M/M vampire novella, The Healing, early this summer. It's going to be lengthened and revised. I can't wait! More on Tuesdays!


Shayne said...

Finally made it here. Heya, darling. M/M? And vampires??? Oh early this summer is too damn long to wait. *L*

Joely Skye said...

Hey, congratulations, Leigh!

megamie said...

Hi Leigh!

I read the original book and can't wait to see what the new and improved book will hold@! LOL


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