Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello, my name is Ally and I'm a manlove-a-holic

It all started so innocently. It was at the height of the Lord Of The Rings movie craze, and I was totally stuck on that sweet little piece, Elijah Wood. One afternoon, I found myself bored at work. With the office and computer all to myself and time on my hands, I Googled LOTR fanfic, wanting to read some Elijah/me-in-disguise romance, preferably with lots of hot, dirty sex. I was quite surprised when the top results all involved this sort of thing: "Elijah/Dom" and "Elijah/Viggo" and most especially "Elijah/Orlando". Being the curious sort I am, I clicked on one of the "Elijah/Orlando" links. Little did I know it at the time, but my life would be forever changed.

Soon enough, I began searching for more of these stories. "Slash," they called it. It became my obsession, reading about men, both real and fictional, who I admired and/or lusted after falling in love and having raw monkey sex with each other. I couldn't stop, not that I tried really. Then one glorious day, I discovered band slash. I won't mention which band, but for the first time, I was moved to try my hand at writing it myself. A year and forty-some-odd band slash stories later, I wrote my very first original character story, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, it's everyone else's turn. How did you discover the joys of sweet, sweet manlove?
Everyone who posts an answer between now and midnight Eastern time on Friday, March 23rd will be entered in a drawing to win your choice of any of my already released books. This includes any of my books except What Hides Inside, which hasn't been released yet. Check out blurbs and excerpts here!

See you at the next Manlove-A-Holics meeting :D


Shayne said...

And they say nothing good comes of fanfic. Pffttt. I knew they were lying.

A lot of fan fic writers eventually do write original fiction, and fan fic is a good training ground. Just like I started with roleplaying. Same thing. Great experience to finally sit down and write the great American hot man on man novel. *snickers*

Shayla Kersten said...

Sweet blog! Congrats to the participants!

And Ally, I'm also a fanfic slash writer turned original manlove fiction author. Except my fascination with m/m stories generated from the television show Stargate SG1 and the Jack and Daniel relationship.

Now I'm totally hooked on manlove, writing and reading!

Jules Jones said...

Ten years ago for me, via fanfic. :-) Not saying which fandom, but I wrote quite a lot of fanfic, mostly slash for a dystopian British sf show. And edited a zine series. Sold my first pro story five years ago, and now I have a dozen books and several short stories out there. Still mostly science fiction, but these days I try to do something that could be mistaken for a happy ending in a dim light -- it keeps my editor happy. :-)

Amanda Young said...

Now you've got me wondering which band. Bad, bad Ally. :) Great post. It was a nice way to kick off the blog's launch.

Anonymous said...

I was getting into fanfic at 13 as a result of RPing online. At 14, I found my first Gundam Wing slash story, and that was it. I fell in love with the stuff, and I'm still just as bad... okay, not just as bad. Worse! Or better, if you think like I do. *grins*

Now I do read original M/M stories with much joy and vigor. Still, I go looking for slash fics in various fandoms (Harry Potter, Power Rangers, etc) and go to town.

I'm working on my first original erotic romance, but I'm planning a sequel that will have a wonderful M/M couple. I can't help it... I have to do it! And I'm shutting up now... I always get talkative this late.

*zips it*


Anonymous said...

I found M/M through a good friend so I have totally missed out on the fanfic side of things.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Oddly enough though I dabbled in fanfiction (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and I read lots of Buffy fanfiction, that's not where I found manloving.

A friend sent me a book called "Strange Attractions" by Emma Holly. I loved every page. It's a menage. Well, I found myself riveted by the male action.

And, then I read "Forgotten Song" by one Miss Ally Blue. And, you can color me HOOKED since then.

Rosario said...

I was trying to remember which the first fully m/m romance that I read was (I *think* it was probably Crossing the Line, by Stephanie Vaughan), but Mechele's comment above reminded me that Menage, by Emma Holly probably qualifies.

I never did try fanfic... I'm tempted, but too lazy. The sheer number of stories in most of the fanfic sites intimidates me ;-)

ingrid said...

I read my first M/M story about 8 or 9 months ago and was hooked. I think it was Bareback by chris owen. I figured, I find men attractive, so I can see why a man would find another man attractive too. Yep, definitely hooked! :)

Ally Blue said...

Wow, so many familiar faces!!
**hugs everyone**
Thanks for stopping by, y'all! I love hearing everyone's stories :D

BTW, I will announce the winner of the book drawing on my blog next Sunday!

megamie said...


Cool Blog! Joely sent me here. I am an avid m/m reader- just ask most of the authors you have listed! I can't wait to read you blog!


Ally Blue said...

Teresa!!! Glad you could make it, girly :D

Anonymous said...

I started writing slash in fanfic - RPS OMG the horror! Actually it was after watching the British Grand Prix one year, when two of the drivers were all over each other on the podium and I thought "I wonder..." I found three F1 slash fics, wrote my own and plunged into fandom.

I also wrote RPS on two German bands for a few years, which was when I really started getting into original stuff because most of my bandslash fics were AUs.

I still write fanfic occasionally but my fandoms have changed so much that I can't keep up with them - especially in F1, where the drivers get younger and more corporate each season. You can't imagine them doing anything and they're all so pimply! Woe.

J said...

You already know I read your books, so yes, I've crossed over. :)

megamie said...


Ally is one of the first m/m authors I ever read and now I am hooked!! See what you did Ally! All
I can say is that there is never enough m/m!!! LOL


Anne Cain said...

How I got hooked on hot-man-on-man-smexing-fiction is sordid, sordid affair. After a certain episode of Cowboy Bebop got me interested in anime and manga with an m/m twist, I surfed the net and stumbled on to yaoi. It's been downhill for me ever since. *sigh*

No longer content to just read about men having raucous sex with each other, I started writing about it. Then I started drawing it. Now I fight other artists in vicious duels* to do covers for m/m and yaoi books at a few publishing houses. Obsessed? Me? *cackles*

*some facts have been altered and exaggerated to increase "Teh Drama".

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