Sunday, December 2, 2007

Plot Bunny Attack!

Okay, so my sister and brother in law are up here for a weekend visit, and today we're heading to the Biltmore estate since my sister has never been there and wants to see it. So I'm sitting here checking out all the stuff to do and planning our day, and BAM, plot bunny attack.

Here's what I'm thinking. Long-term winery manager meets hotshot newly-hired wine expert (I know there's a name for that, but it escapes me O_O). Hotshot is annoyingly good at his job, everyone loves him, and Mr. Dependable-but-Shy manager is a bit jealous though he doesn't want to admit it. Tension, arguments, and much manlove ensues. Yay!

Question for y'all: where do the sex scenes take place? That first, passionate, just-can't-help-ourselves quickie? The angry sex? The making-up sex? The I-love-you sex? Check out the Biltmore website and find me some awesome spots for man-nookie!
(the Biltmore estate title in the first paragraph is a link, btw, in case the links don't always show up for y'all like they don't always for me...)


Amanda Young said...

Hmm... How about the wine cellar for the angry sex? lol

Maura Anderson said...

Biltmore is very cool to visit!

I think after hours in the tasting room would be a great place for a blowjob. Maybe the I love you sex?

Ally Blue said...

Wow, those are both awesome suggestions, thanks!
The whole estate is just chock-full of cool nooks and crannies PERFECT for various sins of the flesh *g*

We spent about six and a half hours walking around the house, the gardens, the winery and the farm. My feet are killing me! LOL

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