Friday, May 16, 2008

Come talk to a few of our boyz

I can't help but think pop star Akanishi Jin has been channeling our Hideki or even Mr. Shu's Kenichi, by writing this new song...Love Juice

This coming Sunday May 18 from 3--8 pm est you can come over to the Samhaincafe chat loop and talk with Kiyoshi, Ryuhei and my favorite beloved bastard Sakurai.

Edit--I forgot to post a few freebies for anoyne who didn't see them:

Anne Cain totally blew me away with the incredible
animation and artwork she did for these guys.

Her yaoi manga which is a sweet prequel to our Samhain short story
Blood Brothers is available on our website. Note: It is
Not safe for work, or anyone under 18 as it contains graphic m/m images.

We have a free short prequel to our Samhain novel Soul of the Night
featuring Ryuhei and Kiyoshi for your reading pleasure posted on our
. Again this is for mature readers as it contains
graphic m/m scenes:

And last but not least Anne animated a killer video trailer for Soul
of the Night. This one is suitable for all ages 14 and up.

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