Friday, May 23, 2008

Must See Movie--Gay PI

I don't think I posted on this before, but if I did keep in mind I'm getting old and forgetful (at least that's what my 17 year old tells me--often).

I saw this recently and LOVED it to pieces. That's high praise considering I don't watch many things on TV lately. The film is Shock to the System and here's the blurb I snagged from YouTube along with a clip.

When hard boiled private eye Donald Strachey (Chad Allen) finds his latest client dead, an apparent suicide, Albany's favorite gay detective smells a rat and decides to take matters into his own hands.

With the help of his straight-laced but adoring husband Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence) and his occasionally too-eager assistant Kenny Kwon (Nelson Wong), Strachey's investigation leads him on a dark and dangerous trail into the world of "gay conversion therapy" - a twisted mix of psychology and religion designed by Dr. Trevor Cornell (Michael Woods) to turn homosexuals "straight".

With a cast of sexy young suspects at the heart of the mystery, and a standout performance from pop culture icon Morgan Fairchild as a wealthy socialite with a few secrets of her own, this second installment of the successful "Donald Strachey Mysteries", based on author Richard Stevenson's much-loved book series, is sure to leave even the most jaded audiences in "shock" -

I adored the Strachey character but his s.o. was a bit too "prissy" for me. Gorgeous but prissy.

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