Saturday, May 17, 2008

Man-on-Man Muse

Two out of my last three releases have been M/M novels. I didn't plan it that way. I simply wrote the stories that my muse demanded that I write. The muse is a fickle thing. If she doesn't get her way or get fed on a regular basis, she gets all bitchy and refuses to talk to me. I guess I could think of her like my boyfriend's haughty half-Himalayan/half-farm cat kitties (always referred to as "the girls.") One took after the Persian half of the Himalayan breed, the other took after the Siamese half, but both of them are spoiled princess. The Fancy Feast cat has nothing on these two. Of course, I treat my kitties like rag dolls. They're the fluffies I pick up and hug, or pet, or share my lap with. The girls think this behavior is scandalous! And both, having Siamese heritage, will be sure to tell you about it. They even have these "harumph!" looks they get that make you just want to break down in giggles, because really... they're cats. How high-and-mighty can they get? Quite a lot.

So, in order to keep my muse happy, I not only worked on my action figure come to life series, Live Action Hero, from Changeling Press (points to cover on the right), but I also worked on my novel Cowboy Up from Ellora's Cave. (points to top cover). Both released earlier this month, and I have to say that my muse is very, very happy.

Of course now Hugh & Talon (from Live Action Hero 3 - Mission: Possession) are giving me fits.

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