Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

So, it's Mother's Day. In a few short hours, I'll be with my immediate and extended family, having a very nice brunch.

... I really hope there's champagne. A lot of it.

I digress. I actually get along well with my family, and naturally this includes my mom. We get along so well, in fact, that about eight months ago I decided to come out of the M/M romance closet and tell her what I wrote in my spare time.

It went about as you'd expect. *sigh* She's my mom and we love each other, but even the closest of mothers and daughters don't always see eye to eye. My mom has always been supportive of my desire to write, but somehow I don't think she'd envisioned me writing gay erotic romance. I've given her countless blog articles on the growing popularity of the genre, and her response is always the same: "Hmm. That is very interesting." I even went as far as to give her a paperback copy of Tabula Rasa (available now at Torquere Press yay go buy!!), which she dutifully read.

"You must have done your research," was her comment after she finished it.

"You mean about rodeo?" I asked, knowing that's not what she meant at all.

"Yes. About rodeo." Then she graced me with a tight-lipped smile. "How did you learn all of those... things?"

"Research," I confirmed, and left it at that.

Oh, Mommy. Even watching Brokeback Mountain couldn't prepare her for reading about two guys sucking each other off. But you know what? She pretended she was okay with it, because she loves me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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